Nicole Kaysen
Nicole Kaysen
Nicole Kaysen
Nicole Kaysen
Nicole Kaysen
Nicole Kaysen

Obituary of Nicole Ezri Kaysen

August 30, 1979 – July 15, 2019

Nicole. Bunny, to me. A beautiful soul. Too beautiful for this world. Funny, clever, intelligent, talented, creative, beautiful. Chess master. As Nicole’s partner, I could never beat her at chess. She loved every time that she won, which was every time she played. It annoyed me to no end, but the joy that it gave Nicole lives on with me.


Nicole was a force of nature. Seated in her Captain’s chair, Nicole ruled our lives. She let me be the Admiral, but we both knew who ran the Enterprise. Nicole was a talented musician. A bass player, a member of The Cliks. She loved to play her bass guitar. She found it soothing. Music was a balm for Nicole. Part of her creativity, her soul.


Nicole was kind and generous. She saved people’s jobs as a union steward. Clever arguments, clever woman. Nicole was also, perhaps mostly, stubborn. Jesus, so stubborn. Nicole was a handful, but to those who knew and loved her—and there were many, many people who did so—she was a delightful handful. She uplifted people’s spirits and lives. A woman who empathized, who cared. Those are characteristics that not everyone can claim. Nicole lived a life that was about thinking and caring about others. Always.


Nicole’s heart was big enough to save others, but not enough to save herself. It is soul crushing that Nicole is no longer on Earth, but her soul and spirit live on. She is held in our hearts and our memories.


Nicole would like to be remembered for her music, her contribution to the LGBQT Community, her kittens (Little Bautista and Gracie), her love of and talent for cooking (behind, behind), her knowledge and love for all things Star Trek and Babylon 5, her work ethic, her strength, her empathy, her rough edges (they got smoothed a bit), her love of water/the ocean (sea otter) and her radiant beauty (those limpid eyes, that nose, those cheekbones).


In the last several months of Nicole’s life, her demons got the best of her. She did not feel her real self. Nicole will always be, to those who knew and love(d) her, beautiful, stubborn, creative, talented, giving, caring, clever and intelligent. Nicole made so many people’s lives better. What more of a tribute can there be?


The wish that everyone should have for Nicole is that she will be remembered, valued and at peace. Her spirit lives on. A life force. Remember Nicole for the beautiful woman that she was, both inside and out.


Always in our hearts. Always loved. Always beloved. A life half lived, which is a tragedy both for Nicole and those who loved her and those who never got the chance to meet and know her. But what a life it was. So much jam packed in that life. Athletic achievements, musical achievements, caring for others, loving others.  A truly beautiful soul. You will be remembered forever and loved forever.


Rest in peace, our beautiful, kind, talented, intelligent, creative, loving, and stubborn Bunny. We’ll be counting stars.


All my love forever,

Janice BOO Bear.


A Memorial gathering will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Pegasus on Church (489 B Church Street, Toronto)

In honour of Nicole, please consider a donation to Supporting Our Youth. A direct link is provided on her homepage by clicking Donations. 

To share in memories, photos and sentiments of her life, please explore this memorial webpage.

Uniquely entrusted to eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc.

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