David Wainman

Obituary of David Wainman

November 10th, 1989 - December 4th, 2019.
David passed away suddenly due to an unfortunate accident at his home by his Mother’s side.
He is survived by his parents, Janet and Gary, Sister Andrea (Amber) and nephews Nathaniel, Theodore and niece Josephine. He will be greatly missed by his large extended family and friends. 
As a young boy, David loved to play hockey, ride his dirt bike and 4 wheeler, watch his favorite music videos and dance around with his guitar and cowboy hat in hand! His love for music carried over into his adult years where he continued with his love for music as rap artist "The Rainman". David worked very hard and diligently in hopes of accomplishing his dreams of becoming a famous rap artist. He was very talented in what he did and supported greatly by his friends and family, especially his Mom, who was his greatest fan. David wrote all of his own music, much of it about his trial and tribulations he had dealt with in his short life. 
Although David suffered from Tourette's Syndrome and Mental Illness, he did everything he could to live his best life. 
David loved to make people laugh! He would find any opportunity to do this. As a child, he would tell jokes to anyone who would listen. He always found the humor in life, and even through the hard times he faced, he always persevered with laughter. 
One of David's many interest growing up was cars! He watched his father fix cars as a child and this always interested him.  When he turned 16, he was so anxious to get his drivers license, he had his Dad take him the exact day of his birthday. When he passed, he was so excited his parents had a hard time getting him away from the driver’s seat!
David had a kind heart and loving nature and was known to help anyone and everyone he could. He will be missed immensely. 
David's Life will be celebrated in a private ceremony surrounded by family. David's family asks that at this time, their privacy be respected as they mourn the loss of their beloved family member. 
Donations in Davids name will be greatly appreciated in place of flowers to the Mental Health Association of Ontario and The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada. These donations may be made by using the links provided here on his homepage.
Please share your memories, photos and sentimens of his life here.
Uniquely entrusted to eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc.
Life Celebrations. Done Differently.
" Take a walk with me, man
   Life is not a game.
   We all different people but I can't explain the flame. 
   We is not the same, Rainman is my name.
   If we trade places maybe you can feel my pain. 
  I wake up in the morning giving praise to the man,
  Dealing with some things you could never understand.
  All I want to do is cry, whine and complain,
  We could trade places maybe you could feel my pain.
  I was growing up I used to cry in the rain,
  Feeling tired of shamed for the things I can't explain.
  I'd be feeling cold and I'd be feeling hot,
  Never understood when the pain gonna stop.
  Mommy used to tell me that its gonna be okay,
  Emotions running through me, man, I don't know what to say.
  As a young kid, I was rhyming to the beat,
  Never understood what was wrong with my speech. 
 Was looking at me funny, had me thinking on the edge,
 Emotions running through me almost pushed me off the ledge. 
 You heard what I said, and man we all bleed red.
 Life is kinda crazy, got me thinking about my Dad. 
 Take a walk with me, man, Life is not a game.
  We all different people but I can't explain the flame. 
  We is not the same, Rainman is my name.
  If we trade places maybe you can feel my pain. 
~ David Gary Wainman 
Aka. The Rainman