Mackenzie McLauchlan
Mackenzie McLauchlan

Obituary of Mackenzie McLauchlan

It is with profound sorrow and regret that we announce the passing of the Magnificent Mackenzie after a long struggle with mental illness and addiction. She bravely fought a condition that we only began to recognize as borderline personality disorder (BPD) over the last decade. This complex and difficult to treat disease was unable to dim the beautiful light that encompassed and embodied Mackenzie. It shone on each of us with the good fortune to know her and we bathe in its radiance as it comforts us in this time of desperate sadness.

The illness defined much of our lives in recent years, but in no way defined Mackenzie. She was a loving sister, friend, and daughter, with a compassionate soul and unlimited capacity for love. No one who met her forgot her nor would they have any inkling that she faced such a monumental battle every moment of her waking life. She was a constant juxtaposition, terrified of spiders while imploring you not to kill them. Her energy and countenance were magnets, especially for children who immediately recognized a kind and kindred spirit. Her desire to provide a home to every animal in existence provides its own continuing legacy to which her mom can definitely attest. If plants were children, we could populate a medium sized city with nothing but kindergarteners.

As is always the case when youth is lost, or taken from us prematurely, there literally are no words available to express the magnitude of our grief.

We respectfully request that if you are of a mind to contribute in some fashion, that any donations in Mackenzie’s name be directed to the Sashbear Foundation (, which trains affected families to communicate toward better daily outcomes with their loved ones suffering from BPD and other difficult conditions.

To make donations, share memories and photos, please explore the the titles located on her memorial web page.

The McLauchlan and Campbell Families

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