Carla Keri

Obituary of Carla Keri

Carla. The love of my life, came onto this earth on June 12, 1961 and left us on March 19, 2020.

We had embarked on our journey in 2002 to spend the rest of our lives and dreams together, only to be interrupted and cut short. So many dreams still unfulfilled.

Carla touched the hearts of everyone she knew and knew her. She would have given her life for any of us.

I thank you for the many good years and many memories. I shall treasure them forever. You will never be forgotten. Please watch over me until it is time for us to meet again.

‘Yesterday we walked hand in hand and now you dance amongst the angels’

Your loving husband and partner.


‘If only we could know the reason why you went. We would smile and wipe away the tears that flow and wait content’

I love you Aunt Carla

Katelynn (niece)

‘If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again’

I love you, Tina (sister)

Charlotte: I remember when Gizmo would go and cuddle with grandma on her chair. I also remember going to a restaurant with Grandma and having so much fun. When I opened up my Christmas presents she was so happy to see what I got.

Amelia: I remember when I was little she used to swim with me in the pool. I also remember how she would watch movies with us. At the Christmas holidays we were all there having lots of fun. I still have that toy she gave me where we can hear her voice saying: “I love you”.

Tasha: I remember when we first had Amelia and you guys came down to visit to see her for the first time. We had a great time walking around Montreal in the summer, showing you guys around, and of course, having our mandatory “ladies’ night”. She was always in a great mood and loved life. She also had a way of telling you exactly what she felt, which always came from a place of love and concern. She always had a smile on her face and her laugh was contagious. I don’t think anyone expect her to be knocked down so hard from her illness and to leave us so soon. Even though she was my step-mother, I know she loved us like we were her own. I could come to her with any problem and she was always able to give me advice. I will always remember how much she enjoyed life, loved to shop, loved Starbucks and loved her family. I miss her every day and I hope that she has peace and is free from pain now. She was the glue in our family.


Tasha, Amelia and Charlotte (daughter and granddaughters)

Thank you for watching me grow. You always thought about me, spending time with me, making me laugh and smile. Even though we didn’t get to spend lifetime together, you will always be a part of my heart.

Love Kaedyn (granddaughter)

You were not just my mother, but my very best friend.  From the many shopping trips and our travel adventures, to simply sitting around hanging out and everything in between.  I will always hold you and our memories close to my heart.  You were my strength.  You were kind, fun-loving, feisty and the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.  You will be missed by all who knew you.  Rest easy, momma. 

I love you,

Brittany xo (daughter)


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