Wayne Mouland

Obituary of Wayne Mouland

We are here to celebrate the life of Wayne Mouland. He was an outstanding man, a fact revealed further through his passing, and our keeping his spirit alive in our hearts and minds.As a father, he was selfless, loving and understanding. His three children Kyle, Aaron and Jasmine learned so much from him, lessons that they will keep with them for their lifetime. Even though his passing seemed early and sudden, he was a man who achieved his mission as a FATHER.

As a friend, he was always one to smile, and make others smile and laugh. He was the life of any party, and like a magnet, people would gravitate to him. He would give his time and listen, doing his best to help others get through their problems. He had a great number of friends, many of whom called him a

As a son, he showed so much love to his parents Gerry and Wayne. He was always there for them when they needed him most, and he made a huge impact on their lives in a positive way. Wayne was, and still is, a massive source of joy in their lives.
As a brother, he was incredibly inspirational and showed that it's never too late to recognize one's flaws and to strive to right the course.  He was a beacon of change and positive

As a young man, Wayne had a difficult life due to crime, drugs and a negative lifestyle; however, through living those hard times he was able to learn how to live in a more positive light. He then took those lessons and was able to teach them to many people in many ways. Those lessons are based on love, growth, teamwork, understanding, and

As a spiritual bodyguard, Wayne took the time to make everyone feel loved and appreciated. As a leader who wore many hats, he created a legacy for everyone to learn from, that will echo his movements. We will always have the everlasting lyrics and rhythm that Wayne created. His devotion to creating a brighter future has led us all to the Transitional Energy Alignment Mentoring (T.E.A.M) and all the Echo Movements. Wayne, you are loved by us all, your spirit will always stay with us and has created a positive echo throughout the

Live Streaming of a gathering for him will be avaialble to all and can be found HERE, live on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 from 12:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. with formal tributes beind delivered commencing at 2 p.m. Virtual guests are reminded to please ensure your volume is set to high. No technical assistance will be available.

Please share your memories, stories and photos of Wayne's life and make memorial donations to Feed It Forward here at his memorial web page.

Uniquely entrusted to eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc.

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