Davor (Dave) Spehar

Obituary of Davor (Dave) Spehar

Davor (Dave) Spehar was born in Breza, Bosnia to parents Zlatko (deceased) and Zlatica (deceased) Davor left his homeland and found his second home in Canada. At the age of 68, he leaves behind a legacy that will forever echo though the hearts of those who has the privilege to know him. 


Dave’s journey was one of determination and resilience. As he pursued his studies in civil engineering, he laid the foundation for a career that would not only shape structures but also touch lives. His passion for turning houses into homes was a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship, leaving behind not just renovated spaces, but spaces filled with loving memories.


His love for gardening was reflected in his ability to nurture and grow beauty from the simplest of seeds. Though every bloom and every leaf, Dave has taught us the value of patience, care, and the rewards of tending to something with love. 


Cooking was his artistry, his way of expressing love and togetherness. The meals he prepared were not just sustenance but a way of brining people together, of sharing stories and laughter around the table filled with flavours that he lovingly curated. 


Sports were his escape, his passion and his way of connecting with the world. Whether it was cheering for his favourite sports team or bonding with friends over a game, he reminded us that even in competition, camaraderie and sportsmanship prevails. 


Dave leaves behind wife Dijana, sister Irena (Leo) and as a father of two children, daughter Mima ( Joseph and grandson Sebastian) and Marko (Narelle and grandson Beckem) his impact will continue to reverberate though generations. The lessons he imparted, the values he instilled and the love he gave will continue to share the lives of those who carry his legacy forward. 


In the tapestry of Daves life, there was a blend of cultures, a fusion of experiences and the richness of relationships. He touched the hearts of his friends and family with his kindness, his wisdom and his unwavering support. 


Though he may no longer be with us in person, his spirit lives on in the memories we hold dear. As we say our final goodbye, may we find solace in knowing that his legacy will forever bloom in the gardens he tended, the homes he built and the hearts he touched. 


Rest In Peace and may your memory forever be cherished.


Please join us on Monday, August 14, 2023 to celebrate his life with visitation at the eco Life Celebration Centre-Magnolia Chapel of St. John's Dixie Cemetery & Crematorium (737 Dundas Street East at Cawthra, Mississauga). Parking is availalbe in the large lot adjacent to the church. Please proceed through the cemetery gates to the north to the main building ahead.


We invite you to share a favourite photo, memory or sentiment of Davor's life here at his memorial web page. Donations in his memory may be made to Hennick Bridgepoint Foundation via the Donations tab on his home page.


Uniquely entrusted to eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc.

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