Michael  Gargaro

Obituary of Michael Gargaro

May 28, 1936 - October 4, 2023

Michael fought through an aggressive cancer but succumbed at Sunnybrook Palliative Care.

He was predeceased by his daughter Michelle in 2001 and leaves his sorrowing family; wife Patricia, daughter Tanys (Rob) and grandchildren Zachary and Hayley, his brother Gino (Lina) and nieces and nephews.

A tribute written by Tanys

My father Michele or as his brothers called him, Lillo was born to Antonia Morrea and Atillio Gargaro in Bari Italy, May 28, 1936.

He had 2 older brothers Gino and Nino.

He was definitely one of a kind!

He joined the army at 17 and got himself out of there shortly after realizing it was not his thing.

He then ventured over to the UK working as a waiter in high end restaurants mainly in the Isle of Wight where he learned to speak English.

At the age of 29 he and his friends saw that Canada was sponsoring Europeans to come over to work, so they took a ship over and decided they would work as waiters on the Canada railway to see the country.

He stayed in Toronto and worked his way up through the ranks in construction and management for LIUNA local 506 until he retired in the early ‘90s.

He met my mom Patricia while in Toronto in 1967 and they went on to have me in 1968 and my sister Michelle in 1977.

My Dad was an AMAZING photographer, cook, husband, father and grandfather.

He always dressed top notch in a style of his own.

He always said it like it was. Never minced words, and never cared what anyone thought. He was memorable to everyone he met. He was hilarious!

He loved amazing restaurants, nice cars, baseball, sports and spent hours regularly getting signatures from all the professional baseball, basketball and hockey stars. What a collection he had!

He always seemed to show up everywhere … no matter where we were sooner or later there he was… A baseball game, the grocery store … he was everywhere.

As he always seemed to be everywhere in life - He will now still be everywhere in a different way. He was such a strong soul and words can not express how we will miss him or how sad and so sorry we are for his passing.

Yes - so Sorry .. it reminds me of what my dad once said to an annoying guy at a baseball game in the row behind us who would not stop talking, and saying sorry to our whole row … my dad was the one to finally get him to sit down and chill out and had the whole row laughing and grateful. He stood up, turned around and in his loud, gruff, yet strong Italian accent looked up at him and said loudly “Buddy - we are all sorry!”

Please stop by anytime on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 between 2-4pm at Beach United Church Main Hall - 140 Wineva Ave, Toronto where we will be playing his favourite songs, sharing some pictures and and honouring my dad the way he would want us to.

Parking is available in the lot adacent to the building or on the surrounding streets.

We invite you to share a favourite photo, story or sentiment of Michael's life here at his memorial legacy page.

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