Laura Stenberg

Obituary of Laura Marie Stenberg


"Lift me up

Hold me down

Keep me safe

Safe and sound

Burning in a hopeless dream

Hold me when you go to sleep

Keep me in the warmth of your love

When you depart, keep me safe

Safe and sound"


Rihanna, “Lift Me Up”, 2022.





There’s no just way to do this. You were too damned kind, generous, smart and beautiful. Am I mad? Yes. But I know you would want us to find beauty in this chaos.


So, how do I tell your story?


You were a PhD in English literature, with a passion for reading. You were the polish to my prose, the gracefulness to my grammar, you were my walking dictionary and thesaurus, yet you were so much more. Doctor was merely a title that captured but a part of who you are.


A Torontonian? Sure. A small-town girl? That’s where we met; how could I forget? A Montrealer? Oui en effet. And prairie roots? Edmontonian through and through. You lived across this country and travelled it often, leaving a mark wherever you stopped. Usually in the form of a person, forever changed by your kindness, courage and generous spirit.


A daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, aunt, wife and a most-caring mother. Family meant everything to you. You brought family together, would do anything for those you loved, and we all benefited from it greatly.


Your youth can be described as a constant state of wonderful surprise. Born in Edmonton on December 12, 1980, I’m told your love of books started when you were just an infant. There was an old soul in that tiny body that responded instantly to words and pictures. There were never enough books. You became a big sister to a wild and sometimes rambunctious Katy. You kept her safe in her youth, so she could care for you in later years.


Importantly, you were a friend. You always had a way with people, from barista extraordinaire to social organizer to PhD cohort glue, you weren’t afraid to befriend someone that you could bring a smile to. Famously, you even bound one friend by contract. Your vast and wide collection of friends has kept us strong and supported us so that we could make memories with our boys, Thomas (7) and Harrison (2), and the strength of your friendship is a gift we take with us as these friends carry us forward in the years ahead.


And you were my best friend. When you opened that door in high school, you opened so much more. You taught me how to love. You taught me how to grow. You taught me how to embrace the unexpected. I never knew it meant this — neither of us did. I hope you know that the strength I have, the parent I am, whatever I may become, reflects you. We’ve been doing this together for 26 years and I still need more.


And Laura the mother. Your love for Thomas and Harrison was incredibly strong. You felt their pain when they were hurt, you felt their wonder and amazement with every new thing they learned. And the joy they brought you was clear. Even in your most difficult days, it was Thomas and Harrison who could rouse a smile, a smirk or a gleeful role of the eyes. These boys adored you, embody you, and I know they will continue to make you proud in whatever they do.


I write this to you now, not because you’re gone, but because you’ll always be with us. Lift me up, keep me safe, and please, keep the world at bay for me with the easy silence that you make. 


Love always,




Laura departed this world on Friday, March 15, 2024. Unimaginably too soon. She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by family.


The family would like to gratefully acknowledge the tremendous care provided to Laura by her healthcare team, including Dr. Gelareh Zadeh, Dr. Norm Laperriere, Dr. Warren Mason, Maureen Daniels, Dr. Joshua Wales, Alesia Vasilyeva, Larisa MacSween and many others.


Please join us to Remember Laura on Thursday, April 4th, 2024 with open house visiting from 12 noon until 2 p.m. and or for a Tribute to her from 2 p.m. until 2:45 p.m. at's partnered venue The Port House Social Bar & Kitchen (139 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga/Port Credit).


To access the free parking area:

-From Lakeshore Drive, proceed south on St. Lawrence Drive

-Turn right on Port Street East

-Watch for the 'Green P' directional parking signage on the north side of the street; turn into the driveway and into the parking lot

-there is parking at street level and extra parking down the ramp in the underground



We welcome you to her natural burial on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at Glenwood Cemetery (47 Ferguson Street, Picton, Ontario), gathering in the historical Chapel for 1 p.m. before proceeding to the Natural Burial area. Please wear appropriate footwear as the burial will occur within a forested setting.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to Team Stenberg, in support of the Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Tumor Centre. Such donations can be made via the Donations Tab on Laura's homepage. Alternatively, donations to an education trust account for Thomas and Harrison are gratefully accepted. Donations to the trust account may be made by etransfer to:


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