Michael  Murray
Michael  Murray

Obituary of Michael Arthur Murray

Michael, or as he was lovingly called by those closest to him—Pickle, Pigeon, Love, and to Jones, the most amazing Dad on the planet. In his valorous confrontation with life's adversities, he embodied the spirit of a mongoose, becoming synonymous with resilience and courage.

To me, he was more than a loving husband; Michael was my compass, my laughter in times of joy, my solace in times of sorrow, and my constant encouragement in every endeavor. It's surreal to stand here without his reassuring presence, to articulate the breadth of his impact in mere words.

But even as we reel under this profound loss, we celebrate the immeasurable love and joy that Michael brought into our lives. It's impossible to overlook his penchant for Talisker, his dream of tossing baseballs with legends like Willie Mays and Ty Cobb, or his fancied attempts at stealing bases—his detours into baseball reminisces I'd nod along with, though admittedly more intrigued by the players’ attire and on-field decorations.

Our first date on October 30, 2005, was serendipitous, as if the universe conspired to align our paths. The unwavering love that carried Michael to me blossomed into a life filled with magical moments—from exquisite dinner parties to treasured journeys through the Blue Ridge Mountains, to music-filled nights in New York, and indulgent escapades in Montreal.

Together, we savored the intoxicating beauty of Italy and Greece, sitting by the ocean, our hearts fuller than we could've imagined, toasting to destiny for uniting two souls meant to find joy in each other.

Our days weren't devoid of mundane squabbles—debates over who left the toilet seat up or whose turn it was to cook—but even these simple interactions were precious threads in the rich tapestry of a shared life.

The diagnosis hit us hard. It tested our resolve, but even in that desperation, we found miracles—miracles in doctors who refused to give up, miracles named Jones, whose whispers to his father among the stars at night are testament to an everlasting bond that even the cosmos can't disrupt.

Words unspoken, hugs unbearished, stories untold—they weigh on me. But as we welcome the gentle invasions of Michael in our dreams, in birdsong, in the rustle of leaves, I know we'll bear these memories like torches in the dimmest nights.

I invite all of you to join us in this celebration of life, to share stories, tears, and chuckles—each a brushstroke in the portrait of a man whose love story was penned with a heart of gold, a soul brimming with kindness, and a wit that could light up the darkest room.

The legacy of Michael Murray is not just in his writing, which captured the extraordinary within the ordinary, but also in his innate drive to uplift fellow writers and invest in his love for baseball.

Though we say goodbye amidst the blooms of April, we welcome you to extend Michael's passion through your support of the Canadian Writers Foundation, the Ottawa East Minor Hockey Reach Out Program, or by becoming regular donors at Canadian Blood Services.

Michael Murray was, is, and always will be our joy, a melody of love and resilience that will continue to echo through time.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

—Thomas Campbell

Thank you, Michael, for every moment, every lesson, and every memory. Your spirit dances between the lines of every page and in the echoes of every game. We'll keep looking for you—in the stars, in our laughter, and in the silent spaces of our hearts where only you reside.

Memorial Service Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024

Location: Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 427 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X7

Doors Open: 3:30pm

Ceremony: 4:00pm

Reception: 4:30pm-6:30pm


In Michael's honor and his dedication to nurturing talent and spreading love through literature and sport, contributions can be made to:

Canadian Writers Foundation

The Canadian Writers’ Foundation provides continued financial assistance to approved senior Canadian writers in times of extreme financial distress. It is the only registered charity in Canada that does this.

Ottawa East Minor Hockey Reach Out Program

The Reach Out program helps families obtain financial assistance to enable their children age 4+ who want to play Canada's great game of hockey. For more information contact Ted Ryan at ted.ryan@ryancorp.com, or reachout@oemha.ca.

Canadian Blood Services

We are the connection between donors and patients, healthcare professionals and medical researchers. We are nationally responsible for a secure system of life essentials for transfusion and transplantation that’s reliable, accessible and sustainable. Every day we work diligently to help save lives, restore health and earn the nation’s trust.

Your tributes, whether through words, donations, or thoughts, are deeply appreciated and help carry Michael's legacy forward. Thank you for joining us in this testament to a life so beautifully lived.

This is one of the thousands of emails I have received from Michael over the years. He captured beauty in the mundane. He lived his life with rose-colored glasses and a heart of gold.

Please share a memory, photo or story of Michael's life here at his memorial legacy page.

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