Ewa Krepicz (née Forycka)

Obituary of Ewa Krepicz (née Forycka)

Ewa Krepicz (née Ewa Forycka) was an amazing person and a talented soul. She was a painter, world traveller, ardent book-reader, photographer, poet, gardener and an incredibly cultured person crossing many fields. Born on May 9, 1951 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, she overcame a difficult childhood to eventually study philology at university, where she met her first husband, Cezary Krepicz. After the birth of their son, Mateusz Krepicz, they travelled to India for work, where they explored the fascinating landscapes and people there.  


After living in India for several years they decided to flee the stifling communism of 1980s Poland to settle in Canada, where Ewa worked as a travel agent and later a yoga instructor. This gave her the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations around the world, and hone her understanding of nature and foreign cultures, at which she excelled. 


Her passion lead her to the fine arts and flowered in her gardens, which she cultivated at home and in her various cottage locations across Ontario. She was a member of numerous painting & sculpting ateliers, won several painting competitions, and wrote beautiful poetry. She was also a very spiritual person, reading and absorbing the teachings of many world religions, a pastime that eventually lead her to Buddhism, where she found some of the wisdom and peace she sought.  


She loved her family, loved her friends, loved life and especially loved her grandson, Calvin, on whom she doted whenever she had a chance. Ewa had a wide circle of friends, who loved her as much as she loved them.  


It's hard to describe Ewa because she was so multi-dimensional. She always underestimated her impact on others, but she was such a force of nature. She had profound interests in art, painting, photography, poetry, spirituality, gardening, yoga and human biology.  


In the later part of her life she faced a series of troubling health issues, but she never let them change her nature; in fact, she developed even more zeal for life. She was incredibly creative, as seen in her award-winning paintings, her poetry and photography. One of her last achievements, which will come to fruition this summer, is  the publication of some of her photographs. There will be three full pages dedicated to Ewa's work in the literary journal Catamaran, which besides literary work, also features up-and-coming artists.  


Her other passions were a great love of animals, including her beloved dogs Max and Maks II; nature and of course, gardening. And most importantly her grandson Calvin. Ewa spent the second part of her life with her spouse Robert and together they shared their love of nature. Now, in this time of great sadness for those who know Ewa, it is wonderful to remember her joy for life and her engagement in everything around her. For us it was truly too soon for her to leave this earth.  


She will always be remembered and loved. 


Ewa's funeral services and burial will be private, but we invite you to attend her Funeral Tribute virtually on Friday, June 11 at 11:15 a.m. EST, by clicking the following link: LIVE LINK HERE.  

The link will become live slightly prior to the time stated. Virtual attendees are reminded that they should have their volume on high and that no technical assistance will be provided by eco.

Please share in memories, photos and sentiments of here life here, as well as donations to the Toronto Humane Society via the Donations link on her home page.


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