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A Tribute to Laurie as written by Donna


My sister, Laurie, and I were only two years apart in age.  As children, we were always fighting, but were the best of friends and inseparable.  Pranks were her stock in trade.  The day before I was due to start school, Laurie thought it would be a good idea to cut my bangs off!  I wasn’t totally innocent either and would find ways to get her in trouble.  Once, Monte’s Meat Market had a trailer with lambs intended for butchering.  Laurie figured a way to get the truck open, and soon they were running down our street!

Laurie was diagnosed early in her childhood with Cystic Fibrosis, but that never got her down.  While other children were out playing, Laurie would be diligently performing the daily physiotherapy required to keep her lungs clear.  Endless hospital stays couldn’t dull her spirits.  She was determined to outlive their prediction that she wouldn’t live past 16.  Boy did she ever prove them wrong!

Laurie did not let her illness define her.  Even though advised not to, she gave birth to the two sons she dearly loved Ron and Rob.  She loved family get-togethers, and of course, adored her granddaughter, Victoria.

Everywhere she went, someone would know her.  She loved to talk and boy, could she ever!  She had a knack for drawing people into conversations and used that skill to run various events for her favourite charity, Cystic Fibrosis.  One event even received a thank you from none other than Celine Dion!  CF wasn’t her only charity.  After being in the post-surgical ICU, she wanted to do something for the people who had no-one to visit them.  So, after being discharged, she ran a fundraiser to put together 300 basic kits of socks and toiletries for hospital patients in need.

Two years ago, Laurie received the news that lungs had become available for a transplant.  She didn’t even give it a second thought and recovered with her usual determination.

Unfortunately, the anti-rejection drugs made her susceptible to cancer.  Still she fought on always with a positive attitude but soon the cancer spread and took this brave soul.

It was an honour to be your sister Laurie and I will miss our talks and adventures.  Most of all, I will miss our friendship.  Thank you for being my sister and my friend. I will carry your memory always.

In accordance with Laurie's wishes, cremation has taken place with interment at St. John's Norway Cemetery, Toronto.

Please share your memories, photos and sentiments of her life here at her memorial web page. Donations in her name may be made to the St. Michael's Hospital Foundation by clicking the Donations Tab on her home page.

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Missing My Sister and Best Friend

One morning I found you in eternal sleep;
I tried to wake you as I began to weep,
But all my pleas you could not hear;
Oh if I could have only kept you near,
Away from the voices of those who went before,
Who beckoned you to come to that distant shore.

I find it so very hard to believe
That you have gone and I must grieve;
I call out your name -- you answer not,
And I look for you in every familiar spot.
Everything seems so strange and surreal,
I ask everyday is it a dream or real?

Where are the soft brown eyes of affection?
Where is the laughter and talk of childhood reflection?
Where is the loving care when I was sick or sad?
Where is the generous soul for which I was glad?
Where is the forgiving and understanding heart?
Where are the bonds that were there from the start?

I miss all the little ways you showed you cared,
For there were so many good moments we shared;
Looking back on my life's assorted scenes,
I realized you taught me what love truly means;
You were my trusted confidante and best friend,
On whose loving support I could always depend.

I look at your smiling face in all my photos;
Memories flood my mind as I touch the mementos
From the happy times you and I have had,
But now these bring tears and make me sad;
For the time together went by in a wink,
Life was not as long as we'd like to think.

Sometimes memories bring comfort and make me smile,
But there are times when grief takes over for a while;
Friends offer gentle words and prayers to console,
And tell me what has happened to your loving soul;
Can it be true what they say of time healing grief?
Is it enough when they say death has given you relief?

Can we believe what others say of a better place,
Where our beloved ones rest in God's warm embrace?
I should be happy you're free of pain and sorrow,
And rejoice that you'll always have tomorrow.
How can I then be so heartbroken and selfishly cry,
Return to me from that peaceful place where you lie!"

Although I cry and stand grief-stricken by your grave,
I promise not to forget the loving memories you gave;
But still I miss you so very much my sister dear,
And your caring words I once again long to hear;
My heart's only solace is one day I will see you as before,
Beckoning me to come join you on that white distant shore.

- Belinda Stotler