Transfer a Prepaid Funeral to eco

Transfer is Easy

Did you know that even if you have preplanned or prepaid your funeral expenses through a funeral home, your plan can be transferred with a simple signature?

Save Thousands

Most funeral homes do not advertise this right as a purchaser. By simply contacting eco to initiate transfer of your existing prearrangement from a funeral home or transfer service, you can save thousands from original plan.


Why would I transfer my plan to eco from an existing funeral home?

Great question. Remember that eco’s focus is to provide responsible options to families. Chances are that upon death, eco can potentially return thousands in funds as eco’s costs are less for the exact same services.

I have a prepaid cremation from a crematorium. Will I need anything more ?

Yes! This is one of the most common misconceptions when funeral arranging. Families are often surprised and upset that there are more fees that they were not aware of. Simply prepaying a cremation fee or a plot fee does not complete your services. You must prepare the stages prior to burial or cremation. eco can help you make sense of all of this.


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