eco Price Guarantee​

Economical Options
Our extensive experience in the industry led us to rethink the standard funeral home business model. We did our homework and significantly decreased our costs, so we can pass the savings on to you. By dealing with local, independent suppliers, renting venues as needed, and using technology to make us more efficient, we've eliminated much of the overhead carried by a typical funeral home.

The $1 Guarantee
eco is so proud of our prices that we will not only match, but beat a local competitor’s rate by $1. Products and services vary widely in terms of quality and comprehensiveness, but if you provide us with an estimate for similar products and services from another funeral home, we are confident that we can beat it. So far, we haven’t seen a competitor’s estimate that made us lower our prices. 

Uncompromised Quality
We encourage you to do your homework as you would with any other substantial purchase. We will help by being open and transparent with you about how much things cost and why. And even though we pride ourselves on low prices, eco never compromises quality for price.

Local, Artisan Mementos
By supporting local manufacturers, eco can provide artisan-quality mementos - not mass produced goods - at a price point you will feel good about.

Is your budget limited? Please consider our all-inclusive options

Or ask us about Financial Assistance available for Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services.