Legal Thoughts


Families served by eco have often commented at how much they've learned through our resources. Our goal is to educate you to ensure you're making comfortable decisions even in the months after a death.

We've compiled some important information below which can be of help when settling the estate matters. Don't forget that ecoCare
, our Guided Estate Settlement Program, is part of our services and at no extra cost to you. Many of these topics below will be visited throughout the ecoCare process.

eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc. is a licensed Funeral Home under the Board of Funeral Services.  Although the sensitivities of death-care often entail legal elements, we are not lawyers nor do we have lawyers on-staff.  The thoughts expressed herein should not be taken in context of the Ontario Estate Laws or otherwise. The most accurate and current advice can come from Estate Lawyers of which are readily available throughout Ontario.

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