Our Director

Founder & Director, Nathan Romagnoli

Nathan’s philosophy was borne of his own deeply felt experiences of family loss. His experiences showed him that the way we observe the passing of loved ones can have a lasting impact on those who go on living. Nathan’s passion for helping those in need has been a constant since childhood.

After more than 21 years in the funeral industry in Ontario and British Columbia, Nathan acquired a deep understanding of Canada’s diverse cultures, religions  and needs. From these experiences, a life-centered approach to funeral service was born.
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Philosophy & Vision

Working under the auspices of one of Canada’s largest conglomerate funeral chains, Nathan formed his vision on how the funeral industry could be and set forth to forge a new path for families. It is a path of social responsibility encompassing respectable prices, accessible unique services, and environmental care. Nathan's vision is that families should feel in charge of their own decisions instead of being cornered into funeral services that aren’t valued by families and that they should make important decisions in line with their budgets and expectations.


For Speaking Engagements or Inquiries, please contact Nathan at info@ecofuneral.ca