Preplanning Body Donation

Body bequeathal is a serious consideration, but when prepared for properly, it can be facilitated with ease and efficiency.
One of the main reasons for denial of a body donation is being underprepared. Contact eco if your wish is to be donated to medical sciences in Ontario and we’ll guide you through how to best plan for it.

Why Preplan?

  • A large misconception in body donation is that anyone can be donated at any time. The reality is that there is limited time for this to be coordinated. Delivery of the body must usually take place within 48 hours of death

  • Funeral or Memorial Arrangements are often overlooked with donations. Remember that services in remembrance are important with or without a body present. These types of services can be preplanned.

  • Nominal costs can be prepaid, locking in the associated costs at today’s prices.

  •  Many Universities which accept donations of human bodies require some form of registration of which can be preplanned

  • Preplanning will help those wishing to donate themselves to understand whether this can become an actual reality for them. Denial of donation is a possibility for many individuals based on ineligibility of the school’s criteria

  • Preplanning opens the lines of communications among family. Stating your wishes in writing to your executors will inhibit questioning of one’s actual wishes


What is preplanning?               
Where is my money placed?
What happens after my body is donated to Medical Sciences?


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