Green & Natural Burial

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Green & Natural Burial

eco is proud to be one of Ontario's leading funeral establishments specializing in Green and Natural Burial, where loved ones are returned to the earth with minimal impact to the environment. 

eco can assist you with a greener and more natural burial including, biodegradable casket options, handmade burial shrouds and other natural elements. We can help you find cemeteries that offer burials with no burial vault or in some cases, no casket at all. Download our Green & Natural Burial document for additional information. 

Even if you have an existing plot in a traditional cemetery, we'll help you make choices that are friendlier for you and the environment. eco's geographical service range is virtually limitless so if this element is important to you, reach out and let us help you with this special burial.

What Is Green Burial?

Green, or Natural Burial is focused on reducing the environmental impact on the earth. All materials used in the process, including the casket, shroud, and even clothing, is made up of biodegradable materials. Concrete vaults and grave liners are not used and there are generally no traditional monuments erected to mark the grave. Instead, a communal boulder, plaque, garden or fence is erected for memorialization. In some cases, an indigenous plant or rock can be placed at the gravesite. 

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Cemeteries with Green & Natural Burial Options in Ontario.

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