What Our Families Say

No Pressure & Thoughtful

Nathan’s care and compassion made the most difficult time in our lives bearable. When Mom passed away, he took charge of all the details, offering guidance and suggestions that saved us both time and money. His no pressure demeanour coupled with his professional and thoughtful assistance assured us we made all the right decisions. 
Pat, St. Catharines

The Flexibility We Needed
Philip was a staunch conservationist, and when the time came to make after life arrangements, it was a given that we would honour his memory by choosing the most environmentally friendly cremation and funeral services. Nathan's approach at eco provided us with all the flexibility we needed, to plan and arrange the services we wanted, with the least environmental impact possible at this time.  We decided on a visitation at a local winery, and then some time later, a memorial service at our unique conservation centre. Our family was given the warmth and support to carry on; knowing we had made the best decisions for paying tribute to Philip's life, and the natural environment he so cherished. 
Sharon Romagnoli MacDonald, Lincoln

Very Kind & Knowledgeable

Planning for the end scared our family, especially as Dad was still with us. We were lucky enough to find Nathan, a very kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional. He worked through all of our options to make it easy for us to choose what best suited our father’s request.  He shared, with compassion, what to expect out of the last few days, and truly guided us through each day, ensured all details were covered prior to and after our father’s death. He handled all of the important, yet tedious paperwork as to not overwhelm us with tasks, allowing time to be spent as a family. All options of service were our choice to make, we never felt any pressure. He more than exceeded our expectations of service. He was able to set our minds at ease and leave us with a bit of peace during such a difficult time. We were fortunate to have had the chance to work with him. 

Stephanie, Kitchener-Waterloo

Unforgettable Professionalism 

We are so grateful for your guidance and attention to detail.  We could not have asked for anything more. We received exactly what we asked for and needed at such a stressful time in our life. Your professionalism will never be forgotten. You were so respectful of our wishes and everything was completed in a manner in which my Dad would have wanted it. Thank you once again.

Barb Hildebrand, St.Catharines