Old world rituals meet modern day wishes with this special alternative to traditional burial. If Earth burial is not a comfortable choice, allow eco to assist in entombment arrangements in a mausoleum. Often a desire among certain cultural and religious groups, entombment can take place in either outdoor or indoor facilities whereby the casket is placed into a permanent crypt in an above ground structure.

Many people are unaware the above-ground burial is possible by means of entombment. Popular among Island communities and European cultures, a crypt inside a mausoleum can accommodate a casket at any level built above the ground. Commonly misunderstood as too expensive, this option eliminates the need for a burial vault and future monument and can be a responsible option.  

Spring Maple Entombment
Simple Entombment without Services

Offering only the essentials, we provide entombment with no formal funeral or memorial service. eco is often entrusted to handle the Simple Entombment with no family present. Professional pallbearers can be provided and we can work with your existing cemetery or assist in choosing a crypt at a local mausoleum.


The Celebration of Life (entombment prior)

Entombment followed by Life Memorial Service. All-Inclusive Arrangement.

A very popular option for those desiring to celebrate a life. eco’s extensive network of locations both traditional and unique can offer a personalized memorial service after the practical elements of entombment have been handled.  A reception can often be incorporated into the Memorial Service or formally follow it, complete with eco’s selection of catering options.


Please contact us to explore our venue options & further realistic costs associated with the Celebration of Life with Entombment.

The Celebration of Life (entombment following)
Celebration of Life Service followed by entombment. The Newer Way to Honour.

Celebration of Life Services can take place at a selected place of worship or one of eco’s Celebration Centres, personalized to your wishes and needs. Appealing to the traditional family, this entombment option provides families an ability to say goodbye with the casket present but with  focus  placed on a beautiful video tribute, personal mementos and their favourite music. We coordinate all elements such as a personal Celebrant or clergy,  musicians and floral tributes. Entombment then follows the Celebration of Life immediately or shortly thereafter, allowing you to honour a life while providing a final resting place where visits can take place for family and friends. Is entombment to take place out of town? Not to worry, we’ll handle this at your pace and be with you the whole way through. This offering is often accompanied with a Celebratory Reception where guests can casually remain together over food and beverage.


Please contact us to explore our venue options and further realistic costs associated with the Celebration of Life with Entombment. ​

Silver Maple Entombment
Entombment with Celebration Reception. A Modern Approach.

Some eco clients prefer a lighter approach to Memorial Services with a more celebratory experience. eco can coordinate a beautiful Celebratory Reception in one of eco’s Celebration Centres or in another venue fitting your personal needs. Entombment will take place prior to your Celebratory Reception which can include food, beverages from eco’s extensive catering services and even a champagne toast to a life well-lived. With no formal service element, you’ll focus on story telling and laughter, surrounded by personal mementos and one of eco’s professionally crafted Memorial Movies of their life playing in the background. Guests will leave feeling that they’ve honoured their friend and you will feel satisfied with a unique Celebration of Life.


Please contact us to explore our venue options and costs associated with the Celebration of Life with Entombment. 

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Shipment to Another Location with Entombment

If wishes are such that interment is to take place out of town or even in another country, eco can easily coordinate this for you. Whether direct to a cemetery for interment or to a consignee overseas, we can help.  We recognize that as humans we are nomads. Retiring in a special place doesn’t mean that you’d want to be kept there forever. eco holds all regulations able to repatriate a deceased human  anywhere in the world safely and legitimately. We are often called upon to handle repatriation arrangements when death occurs away from home. Our extensive network of trusted professionals can allow shipment home, direct into our care for hometown services to take place.


Not sure of the Best Course of Action? We are here to help!

Please consult eco before contacting a local funeral home to advise you on your best course of action. There are many variables which will affect cost and as such a personal quotation is recommend

*Reach out to eco today to discuss  the particulars of your needs. We'll be happy to provide you a detailed and cost-guaranteed quotation.


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