Choosing Your Funeral Provider

Choosing a funeral home at any time is a difficult task, especially after a death has occurred.
It’s important to ask yourself these questions before committing to who you’ll trust.

1. Your Budget
Decide on your budget. ​If you have a budget, is it important to have someone work within it and respect it? Is there financial assistance ?

With eco celebrate your loved one's life in  memorable way while staying true to your budget. We offer economical funeral options, the most unique and everything in between.  Learn More >

2. Type of Funeral Provider
Who owns the funeral home? Are they a giant corporate home operating under a local alias? 

eco is an independent Canadian company that supports like-minded businesses both locally and across the country. We are owned and operated by Founder & Director Nathan Romagnoli.  Learn More >

3. The Team
Do the staff work on commission? Do you feel comfortable with sales staff at a vulnerable time? 

As part of our vision for eco, we wanted to change the way the funeral industry works. At eco, we not only take a non-pressure, hands-off approach, our Online Funeral Arranger provides you with the tools to make decision at your own pace and without any pressure.  Learn More >

4. Your Unique Needs
Does this establishment understand my unique needs? My budget, my modern family, my views on funerals? 

At eco we are know for our open and inclusive approach to different ways of honouring a loved one's life. Whether you're seeking a religion- or  culturally-specific celebration, the eco team has experience in all cross sections of our community.   
Learn More >

5. Funeral Home or Transfer Service?
Is this establishment a Funeral Home or a Transfer Service? What type of license do they hold and are they in good standing? 

eco is a fully licensed funeral establishment with a Class 1 License. As such, there are no legal limitations on how we can service both you as a family, and care for the deceased. Transfer Services are not allowed to arrange for or provide funeral services.

This is what makes eco so special. With no limits on our ability to service families from just the basics to a fully custom experience,  our costs are respectably lower. We provide the highest scale of value with fair prices under the license of a full Funeral Home, not a Transfer Service. 

 If you are still not convinced  and wish to get extra verification, simply call our licensing body, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario and ask for a statement of good standing.

6. Transparent Cost Structure
Does this establishment provide  costs on their website where I can research them on my own?

Our business philosophy is based on complete transparency in all areas, including pricing. We earn your trust by being transparent, honest and respectful.  Learn More >

Want to learn more about us? Please contact us today!

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